Cupid’s Incentives

Fundraise. Earn cool stuff. Repeat.

You fundraise – you’re the hero. We know you have what it takes to stamp out NF.

Incentives are cumulative, so the more you raise the more you earn.


$20 – Cupid Sunglasses. Gotta fundraise $20 to get the sunnies. They’re totes worth it.

$100 – Cupid Undies + Sock Combo. Always earned, never for sale. Made by our friends at SockItToMe who make badass undies and socks for guys and gals alike.

$250  – Open-bar Status on Race Day. Need we say more?

$500 – Cupid Jammy Pack. Pump up the volume on the slopes or the streets with this wearable stereo bag.

$1,000 – Cupid Plush Robe or Cupid Tundra Hat. Both as warm and soft as a cherub’s bottom!

$2,000 – Timbuk2 Messenger Bag. If you don’t already have a Timbuk2 bag, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Easily a leader in high-quality bags.

$5,000 – VIP. We will honor you publicly and your name will live on a plaque, forever!

$10,000 – C.U.R.Elite level! Patagonia Jacket Embroidered with C.U.R.Elite Logo. If you’re balling this hard, of course we’re gonna hook you up with the best darn jackets out there. It’s the same jacket our Race Directors wear!