Deniro is the happiest, silliest and most thoughtful little boy, who unfortunately was diagnosed at the age of 3 with NF1. He is now 6yo and is surrounded by his 8yo brother and 3yo twin sisters. So far, Deniro is leading a life that is normal to him, with a lot of fun, a happy face, and laughter. What Deniro isn’t quite sure about is the fact that he looks different and does not learn the same as others. You see he has a plexiform neurofibroma that is causing facial deformity. His tumor extends from an area in his brain, to his left eye, left cheek, nasal cavity, upper left jaw and lip. As we wait for a cure or treatment to help this tumor we are lucky that some of our prayers have been answered. His tumor has remained stable for 3 years and has not grown!!! Anyway, Deniro is a true hero in that he continues to live an ordinary life, has many friends in and out of school, and despite his academic and physical limitations, continues to improve with a big smile on his face!