We attract heroes, party animals, undie-lovers and the generous-as-hell. We're fighting NF, a rare and deadly disease that affects 1 in every 3,000 births. We will win. Are you in?

What’s up with the undies?!

Raising money to cure a nasty genetic disorder not enough for you? OK, how about a one mile-ish run in your underwear in the middle of February, topped off with a wicked pre-game and after-party, great company, and more fun that you’ve EVER had on a Valentine’s Day?

We know… we had you at “underwear.”

Cupid’s Undie Run started with the goal of raising money to #EndNF and, having raised $3.5 million last year, this thing just keeps getting bigger.

Pants drop this February. Be there!

Join in and take part in the best, craziest thing you’ve ever done. You’ll tell your grandkids about it – and sleep well knowing you helped raise millions for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.




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Our Goal

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Start a team

or Go Solo

Running in your undies is more fun with friends!

Recruit some friends, join a pre-existing team or just go solo. So many choices, so little clothing!

NEW: Compete in fundraising leagues with like-minded cherubs. Nothing like some friendly competition amongst peers to keep things fun!

Just want

to help?

We get it, undies aren’t for everyone… but raising funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation definitely is.
Too young, too far away, not … in to undie running? Join the campaign and donate your birthday!


Spread the love

YOU can make an impact and we hope you take on the challenge.

Whether it be $50 or $5000, we will make the most of your efforts. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and this year, we’re shooting to top last year’s total of $3.5 million.


Cool Stuff

Cupid’s undies are never sold, only earned!

Earn your undies, open bar status, custom’s Cupid’s swag and more when you fundraise your pants off!


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Why we run

Tomorrow a new family will have their world turned upside down, they will be told that their child has a rare nerve disorder they can barely pronounce. There will be MRIs, many more doctors visits, and currently no treatments. We run and raise because we believe there is a solution to end NF and through the research guided by the Children’s Tumor Foundation and the funds we raise, we will find it.

Are dogs


Sounds like a silly question, but we've got an answer to that and most anything else you can think of! Click the pup to go to the FAQ.


Cupid’s Undie Run isn’t your typical “fun run.”

Fundraising is our #1 priority, and the numbers speak for themselves. Just look how things have changed over the years.

Started from humble beginnings between a few friends looking to make a difference, Cupid’s has grown from a single city raising $10k to $2.8 million fundraised in 2014. In 2015, we raised $3.5 million, bumping our cumulative total over the years up to almost $8 million. And we’re not stopping there.

Those fundraising dollars don’t just magically appear, though. That’s where you come in.

Register to run or donateHeck, do both.
Either way, partner with the pants-less and help us #EndNF!